A Meaningful Life through Purposeful Living

What effect would an Empirical Approach to Leading and Managing People mean to your business?


Stewardship requires a commitment to systems and success. Good stewardship requires several things:
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Learn about ARCHETYPES and how you can use them to develop better teams, relationships and results
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Stewardship and Relationships depend on the tools you use to gather information and the quality of the information.
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Focus, Hope and Action

That which you focus on with hope in your heart and a willingness to take action on, happens.  Have you noticed that the greatest challenge for many people is a sense of overwhelm? A feeling that life is just way […]

Outsource or Automate?

The other day at the Big Thinking Business, we were talking about what could and couldn’t be outsourced. Here was a list of things to consider. What Can YOU Outsource Activity Automate Outsource Content Creation: Blogs, Advertising Content Marketing Public […]