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Stewardship requires a commitment to systems and success. Good stewardship requires several things:
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Learn about ARCHETYPES and how you can use them to develop better teams, relationships and results
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Stewardship and Relationships depend on the tools you use to gather information and the quality of the information.
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BUDZ Provides Experienced General Directorship, Business Support, Communication Workshops and Mentoring. 

Foundership or Leadership or Stewardship, what really grows a business?

Foundership is the first person to have the vision, the trail blazer. The person who says there has to be another (better) way and takes off in that direction. Sometimes others follow; sometimes others just sit back and laugh at […]

Being a LEADER is more than…

To understand what being a real leader is, let us revisit a story of Little Mikey. Mikey was five years old when he first started at school. He was quickly identified by the teachers and other children as a leader. Mikey seemed […]