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The value of a business comes from having systems, processes and processes. Successful business have an undernet to provide the information needed to feed the development zone to deliver your growth strategy and provide value to your clients.
The 3 Laws of Business are the foundation for the Business Undernet Development Zone:
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Our Services

Audit of Systems relative to Sales, Production, Administration.
Member of Business Governance Boards
Administration Support
Business Mentoring
Strategic Planning to Develop Marketing Plan
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Our Resources

The Ten Criteria of a Successful Business Mid-adult African American male looking out window. Building and maintaining a successful business can be simple! Whether you want to start a successful business or are already in business, these ten basic characteristics show you the aspects you must keep track of to get the full value from your business, now and into the future.
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Predictability and Certainty for Business

At a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting, a business owner asked how do you know a good business from a bad business? I answered that “the good businesses (including government departments and non-profits) had predictable outcomes for staff and clients […]

Using an Undernet To Improve your Communication

Unless you have perfect recall, you need some system (undernet) to be able to carry on communication with a client, prospect or even a friend. Experts call this a CRM system. What is CRM and how can one use it? CRM stands […]