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Stewardship requires a commitment to systems and success. Good stewardship requires several things:
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Learn about ARCHETYPES and how you can use them to develop better teams, relationships and results
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Stewardship and Relationships depend on the tools you use to gather information and the quality of the information.
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BUDZ Provides Experienced General Directorship, Business Support, Communication Workshops and Mentoring. 

Identifying Archetypes: Balancing Your Relationships

Self-understanding to deal with Relationship Challenges Why should you attend? If you have ever felt that you did your best but it wasn’t enough! If others, especially in the hierarchy or workplace, misunderstand you! If you feel like an outsider, especially […]

Predictability and Certainty for Business

At a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting, a business owner asked how do you know a good business from a bad business? I answered that “the good businesses (including government departments and non-profits) had predictable outcomes for staff and clients […]