Meaningful Lives through Purposeful Living

 Apply an Empirical Approach to Leading and Managing People mean to your business!

Add FUN to turn challenges (threats)  into opportunities.


Stewardship requires a commitment to systems and success. Good stewardship requires several things:
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Learn about ARCHETYPES and how you can use them to develop better teams, relationships and results
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Stewardship and Relationships depend on the tools you use to gather information and the quality of the information.
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BUDZ Provides Experienced  Stewardship, System Support, and Relationship Workshops and Mentoring. 

Who is the judge?

Are you the judge? Are you the person who is deciding on the “rightness”, the “goodness” or the results of your actions and your life? Notice I used the word judge…. Who is the Judge? Are you experiencing negative emotions […]

What is the measure of a Successful Business?

Studying business, travelling the world and working with business owners and entrepreneurs around the world, this question is a key one that has many answers and not just one “measure”. Ways to Measure Success Profit, Assets, Possessions or anything around […]