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Will Your Customers Still Love You Tomorrow?

In 1971, Carole King released this video of Will You Still Love me Tomorrow. And for business, the key question is Will your customers still love you tomorrow? Tomorrow implies sustainability of your business. Sustainability means continuing to meet the… Read More

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What influences Decision Making: Behavior, Attitude, or Personality?

Decisions need to be made every day in business but what helps you make the necessary decisions – your behavioural type, or your attitude or is it your personality type or maybe something else? What really influences your decision process?… Read More

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TRUST Destroyed: Obfuscation or Incompetence:

Over the last few months, communications with the PTBs (powers that be)  seems to be less clear, less intelligent.  In other words full of obfuscations! Recently we visited a government office and discovered the incompetence of how they run. Regardless… Read More