Roberta has extensive experience working within a number of industries in various executive roles.

Roberta works with tools to keep organisations on purpose and believes that every business should have a balance of fun, funds and fitness. Fitness is represented by physical well-being, mental stimulation, emotional balance and spiritual wholeness.

Using her experiences and skill as a planner and strategist, Roberta helps business succeed today and into the future. Using tools that have been tried and tested with 1000’s of businesses, Roberta can assist the business owner or team to select the tools that work to meet their needs.

As a mentor you will be rewarded with fresh ideas for business growth. Roberta asks questions that find the best solutions, for you and your business. Everything is personalized.

As a master communicator Roberta delivers presentations and workshops that engage, inspire and connect with an audience. If you want to experience business knowledge with passion that drives peak performance, then Roberta comes highly recommended.

As an author Roberta has written two thought provoking business books called Who Stole My Success and Eat the Rhino. She has also successfully co-­‐authored 5 business books. Roberta’s generosity to share her wealth of knowledge was the inspiration for her putting pen to paper.

Roberta has worked around the world, and met some incredible people she can now call close friends. You can find Roberta on LinkedIn – her network is full of like-­‐minded forward thinkers who love connecting the dots.

She has helped build businesses, saved businesses and developed exit strategies, leaving successful business legacies to the next generation.

Her education includes:

  • BBS in Marketing and Administration
  • Certificate in Governance Level 7
  • Certificate in Adult Education
  • Lego Serious Play Facilitator

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Peter Budvietas, Polymath

Peter is a polymath who for over 50 years has been observing, changing, writing about and supporting business. His background includes programming, systems analysis, published author, commentator, blogger, trainer, facilitator, change agent and predictor of trends. He is the ultimate simplifier with a history of meeting client needs on time and on budget.

Contact Peter to ask him any questions. Peter is the author of over 2000 articles and 10 books and 6 short stories. He is a ghost writer, poet and problem solver and loves to answer questions on Yahoo. His latest venture is Mathemagics because he believes people need to develop a love of numbers rather than a fear.