Purpose: The reason why a business exists – Your business must meet your needs, your clients needs and the community needs.

Mentoring: The art of listening and suggesting solutions to business situations based on personal experiences or learnings.

Rule of Three: Every decision in business consists of three parts – you, the client and others. Every decision must consider the effect on you (your business), another person (client, supplier) and the wider community.

Passion: The energy, commitment and emotion brought to the business every day.

Development: Determining the tactics that will result in meeting the strategic aims of your business.

Stewardship: Determining the strategic direction (vision, mission, culture, objectives) and then ensuring the resources, support are used as intended to achieve the strategic direction and ensure monitoring of events.

Systems: The collection of data and the timely reporting and monitoring of that data to enable decision making that achieves the strategic objectives of the business.

Relationships: The feelings, thoughts and actions that your clients, suppliers, staff and colleagues have about you and your business and how they recommend, support and interact with you and your business.

Archetypes: Behavioural traits that guide us in our normal reactions but also the way we react when stressed or threatened. There are 5 major types of Archetypes and we all have all 5 types. Generally 3 dominate – the main “norm” and our stressor positions.

Facilitation: Working with owners and staff to offer materials to make a difference for the participants and the business.