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Business’ future proofing D’s: Diversity, Disruption and Desire.

At the Institute of Directors speakers have recently been talking about both Diversity and Disruption but no one is talking about Desire.

Why Include Desire?

Desire comes from PURPOSE or Purpose comes from DESIRE.

Purpose means you find the BEST person, method, system, and outcomes to assure the business’ sustainability.

Desire gives you the energy that focuses your purpose and sustains you through the good times, the bad times and the ho-hum times.

Purpose is the why that get’s you out of bed.

Desire without purpose is wishing and hoping without taking action. Only action will fulfil your desire.

Diversity and Disruption?

Where do they fit with Desire and Purpose?

Diversity has many aspects:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Culture
  • Belief Systems
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Thought

Diversity allows the questions:

  • What if… What if we did it this way? What if our assumption is wrong? What if our clients want something different? What if the data is only giving us a partial picture? What if our biases are colouring our thinking?
  • What else….What else could we do instead? What else should we consider? What else will happen tomorrow to change our thoughts today?
  • What next….What will happen next if we do this or that?

This is where DISRUPTION enters the thinking process. Disruption allows us to do a little crystal ball gazing and horizon scanning. Many years ago Da Vinci thought of a flying machine that became the helicopter and Jules Verne wrote about a submarine and an undersea world.

Disruption is what changes the world.

  • Cell Phones caused disruption to our communications. So mush so that some people no longer interact with others except through technology.
  • Google and other search engines disrupted research methods, medical treatments and even the way we cook and eat.
  • Disruption brought us Uber, Airbnb and other apps.
  • Disruption allows us to monitor our activities, health, well-being  through watches, clothing and other physical items
  • When was the last time you went to a bank? Disruption has almost done away with cash except in certain circumstances.

What examples can you think of?

So have a desire that creates your purpose but take time to look at the diversity around you and disrupt your methods because CHANGE happens. Every day in every way, something CHANGES.

May you fulfil your desires.



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