I’ve had enough, have you?

Enough of what, you ask.

  • Enough of people telling me what success should be for me and my business.
  • Enough of people judging me because they do not see the “lifestyle” they expect to see for a successful business mentor.
  • Enough of people judging me as a troublemaker  because I question them, disagree with them or generally do not accept that their way is the way I want to go.
  • Enough of the judgements, assumptions and bigotry that exists in world today.

Have you heard the story about the US president looking for a secretary of state early last century. His housekeeper suggested that her husband would be an ideal candidate. The president suggested that the role needed and important man. The housekeeper replied that if he became the secretary of state, he would become an important man.

How often do we judge or feel judged by others for the so called “importance” they believe we have?

Think though, where would hundreds and thousands of people be without the Mother Teresa’s of this world. Or without the inspiring teachers, mentors, and volunteers who help organisations.

  • Are we aware of the services these amazing people offer?
  • Do we acknowledge them for what they do every day silently and continuously?
  • Do we appreciate the service they offer and sincerely thank them for “doing their job”?
  • Do we tell them how much we appreciate their kindness?

The new Prime Minister of New Zealand wants to see more kindness in our communities but does she actually see the kindness that exists?

How often do people stop being kind when they are abused, shunned and slammed for doing their best and giving of their time and effort. Anger, depression and revenge are often the outcomes of feeling disconnected and unappreciated. .Violence erupts when people feel pushed to their limits. That violence can be inwardly or outwardly directed but in either case, lives are hurt and even destroyed.


Business does not exist in a vacuum. Whether you call it a tribe or a village or just a customer base, you need to connect and help them feel that you really care. Not sort of care but really care. People deal with people not companies. People work with people and it is the people they work with that help them put up with bullies and incompetent people.

I was watching a video  posted by the Huffington Post called the real cause of addiction  recently. The video spoke about purpose and connection being the reason people were able to stop using addictive products. When people feel connected, when they have a sense of belonging then they stop needing their”drug” of choice.

Shopping is a way of connecting but if statistics on wastage of clothing and food are to be believed then shopping is an addictive  way of connecting. Hoarders hate to throw things out because it provides them with connection. Personally I an not sure what they are connecting to but…

Many of our mentorees tell me that the greatest value they find from the mentoring is that they have a connection so they don’t feel so isolated and alone with the decisions they make. They still make their own choices but they have someone to run things by who has a little more experience than they do.

Once upon a time, when my emotion overcame me in a meeting. my staff told me that I was the general manager and should not be emotional. I told them that first I was a human being and whatever was making me emotional was the result of the connection I had with the situation.

When we pretend to be something we are not, not only do we fail to be authentic but we also fail to connect with people To this day, many years later, I am still connected with many of my former staff.

So I have had enough. Enough of other people who need me to be what they want. Enough of being wrong for standing up for what I believe to be right. Enough of lies and untruths as people try to either exert their power or try to buy our “love”.

Have you had enough? If you have, please connect with me on Purposeful Living Paradigm and (re)connect with your family and your friends. Connect with your clients. Connect with yourself – be aware. Ane when you connect acknowledge, accept and appreciate the similarities and the difference.

To our connection


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