That which you focus on with hope in your heart and a willingness to take action on, happens.

 Have you noticed that the greatest challenge for many people is a sense of overwhelm? A feeling that life is just way too hard and that why should they bother to try since for many nothing works out.

When we created “Who Stole My Success” one of the experiences we were having as well as many of our clients was the loss of hope and focus and as a result


Many women multi-task and think that they really accomplish lots and lots but experience shows that focusing on a single task for 20-30 minutes gets more work done with less stress than switching every couple of minutes between tasks.

Think of the camera and its focus. When you focus and make sure the shot is clean and clear, well lighted and properly framed, the photo looks wonderful. But when you rush and take your picture without focus, often times you are unable to identify who is in the photo a few days later.

Take some pictures with and without focus and share the results.


Hope gives us energy. Without hope, everything seems too hard. When hope is missing, the act of getting out of bed can be impossible.

Hope goes with gratitude and passion.

Hope is a promise that something will happen.

We hope for specific things but often we get something else instead.

Hope is like a candle flame. Hope is easily extinguished, especially when past things are difficult to endure.

Hope allows us to go meet people.

Hope allows us to offer people our help, services, products, support because we hope that they will accept what we offer them.

Hope is important to our well-being.


But if you sit and hope and do no more than hope and focus then will anything happen?

In Bob Proctor’s “Born Rich” book my favorite chapter is “Let Go and Let God”. Now that does not mean leave it to God but it clearly says let God direct your actions. Do what you believe God wants you to do and you will meet your objectives, fulfil your purpose and enjoy blessings.

So today decide:

  1. What to focus on
  2. What the hoped for outcome is for that focus
  3. And what actions you will take to fulfil the focus
  4. Be thankful you can focus, hope and act
  5. And have FUN!

Share what happens when you acted in the above manner and what difference it made to your life please

To you success

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