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At a business meeting the other day, the speaker asked “Are we having fun yet? ”

He was the after lunch speaker and wanted to wake people up and ensure that he could deliver his semi-serious message.

Notice that this was a business meeting, the speaker wanted to deliver a serious message but he asked if people were having fun. Why fun?

There are many studies, philosophies and theories around the importance of play to learning in children.

“The experience of play changes the connections of the neurons at the front end of your brain,” says Sergio Pellis, a researcher at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. “And without play experience, those neurons aren’t changed,” he says.

So can we have fun at work and still accomplish higher productivity and outcomes?

What is FUN in a business environment?

  • Fun is enjoyment.
  • Fun is stimulating the brain to solve problems
  • Fun is working with people we enjoy working with and helping them achieve more.
  • Fun is doing positive activities that boost our energy and help us feel good.
  • Fun can be tiring but it is a good tired, a tiredness that a good sleep revigorates.
  • Fun can be serious.
  • Fun might have some competition and struggle involved.
  • Fun can test our creativity and our endurance.

But fun keeps us coming back for more fun.

And if that is true than we need more fun in business. Fun that will be different from entertainment, food, alcohol, drugs and sex.

Work is social. While most of us work for the money, if it is just about the money we turn to something else to keep us going.

If you google disengagement of staff, several things come up. Mainly that people do not feel like they have fun. It happens in other events too. Have you ever attended something and felt like an outsider. Someone who no one wants there. Someone who can not make a contribution because no one will pick them. This problem often occurs in hierarchies where the leaders think they know it all.

There is a story about a hotel in the States that needed to put in a new elevator. They hired many experts to advise them. Every solution would majorly disrupt the business. The janitor overhearing the conversation asked the manager of the hotel, “why don’t you put the elevator on the outside of the building”. And that is exactly what the hotel did.

When we value our people and let them contribute then we all win. We find solutions.

Facilitating a Lego Serious Play  session is fun because it encourages cross communication. It helps people play and have fun. And more importantly by having fun, relationships and solutions are developed.

Team building days can work the same way. When everyone is dirty or doing the same thing including the “boss”. suddenly everyone is at the same level. There is no hierarchy and people enjoy their experience. They have fun. And running a day that is a successful team building day is HARD work because to create a safe atmosphere that supports all individuals takes planning and care.

So put some fun into your business. And to do that you need to ensure that your business is fit and has the funds to operate a purposeful business.

Would you like to grow your business using Fitness, Funds and Fun? Take a look here and ask me for more information or book a meeting.

Let’s have FUN!

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