20 week Mentoring Programme

Ensuring that you are fit to grow to meet the changing needs of your customers and have the funds/resources needed for that growth and that while you grow, you and your team have FUN!

Participant Profile:

Business Owners and their senior team in businesses under 20 employees with a turnover in over $250,000.00.

Desired outcomes

  • Turnover growth of 5% within 6 months
  • Better understanding of terms within the business: systems, stewardship and relationships to grow. Creating internal and external Rich Shared Maps
  • Implementing the 3 Laws of Business.
  • Developing systems and plans to:
    • Support financial needs during growth
    • Form relationships with suppliers and clients
    • Identify potential pathways for the growth
    • Deliver consistent messages and activities.
  • Clear external and internal messages to clients/suppliers/contractors/staff.
  • Manage sustainable growth by applying the 3rd Law of Business.
Facilitated In house Workshop

Time Frame: Three sessions of 5 hours each plus a pre and post assessment delivered over 4 weeks.

Pre-Programme  To be completed and discussed one week prior to part two.

  • Self-Analysis of current position: Questionnaire
  • Review of self-analysis on a one-to-one basis for up to 2 hours with BUDZ staff

Session One: Fitness for Growth: Setting the Parameters

  • The three Fs and the equations for purposeful business
  • Definitions, commitments and the 3 Laws of Business.
  • Mental and emotional need for growth. Behavioural archetypes
  • Identifying value of products and services to the clients
  • Value employees/contractors add to the business
  • Implementing the First Law of Business

Session Two: Funds for Growth: Determining the Constraints

  • Examining money management, resource management, people management and time management and identifying areas for improvement to grow the business.
  • Updating systems and requirements facilitate growth
  • Identifying time frames and resources to deliver increases turnover
  • Review of skills and talent for growth
  • Implementing the Second Law of Business

Session Three: Purposeful Fun to achieve Growth

  • Identifying constraints for growth
  • Identifying pathways for growth
  • Feedback loops for chosen paths for growth
  • Implementing the Third Law of Business
  • Next steps

Post Programme Review: Next Steps

  • Review of three Fs and their implementation in participants business

Key Learnings:

  1. The 3 Laws of Business and how to use them to grow, manage and develop a Purposeful Business with Fitness, Funds and FUN!
  2. The 6 formulae of purposeful business
  3. Identifying and meeting the triple needs of any business.
  4. Systems needed to support growth including necessary documentation
  5. Relationship building tips and tools especially relative to internal communication.
  6. Processes and documentation required for funding and audit purposes.


1 hour per week with owner and up to three selected manager(s) for 20 weeks.

2 hour sessions with entire staff. First to session at the beginning of the growth and second session at the end of 26 weeks. Purpose of the sessions is to enrol all staff in the changes.

Up to 10 new email conversations per week from up to 3 senior team members

Investment: $10,000.00 + GST paid in 3 installments over 12 weeks of the 20 week programme.  (Regional Business Development Funding contribution may apply)

Registration of Interest to Participate in Business Growth Mentoring Programme. 

Please email form to address on the form. We look forward to working with you

Other Programme Options include just the Workshop at $3000.00+GST per person and hourly mentoring at $150+GST per hour.