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Decisions need to be made every day in business but what helps you make the necessary decisions – your behavioural type, or your attitude or is it your personality type or maybe something else?

What really influences your decision process?

The Decision Process

You make decisions in several steps but how you make those decisions is influenced by many factors including your behavioral style, your personality type and your attitude.

Think of the following situation, a simple non-work decision.

You want to meet a friend for dinner. You need to pick the place and so you have a decision to make. 


What factors influence that decision?:

  1. Your emotional feeling about that person
  2. Your relationship with the person, is the friend someone you want to impress, influence or something else.
  3. What you know about the places you can go for dinner.
  4. Your budget.
  5. Your attitude to the event and your attitude based on what has happened during the day and even your attitude towards the type of meal you
  6. Other information.

So what do you do?

Most people have a tendency either to rely  on gut or logic but in truth both are influenced by our behavioural type more than anything else.

Personality types and Behavioural types vary with time and conditions surrounding you. In some situations one appears like an introvert while in others an extrovert. Sometimes one is a Driver or an Owl. Sometimes your behaviour is that of a face or a heart. Your behaviour and your personality are influenced by so many factors.

And how you decide on anything can sometimes seem like a crap shoot although generally people are somewhat predictable.


That is where the real challenge lies with any decision making. Is it predictable?

Many people do the same thing every time because it is habit or familiar or feels safe but…

Circumstances change and continuing to do what you have always done may mean that you need to look at making a decision differently. And that is where and when conflict can arise because others expect you will make a decision the way you did before.

When you find yourself having to make a decision very different than one you have made in the past, you need to remember a few things:

  • There are NO perfect decisions – no 100% right or wrong. This is especially true if you are uncertain about all the elements
  • What seems right today, may change as you get new information. Doing nothing now is a decision based on attitude and behaviour.
  • No decision is final, every decision should be able to be tweaked and changed as new information comes availability.
  • The earlier a decision is made and communicated to all involved, the faster a situation can change.
  • Change is inevitable. Either you decide it or it will be decided for you.
  • Take nothing personally.
  • The small stuff needs little thought. In the scheme of universe, all things are small things.
  • Whether you do or you don’t, things will happen, people will move on and make decisions for themselves.
  • If you are unable to explain your decision to others, then you need to rethink the decision. Because you feel it is the right thing to do is a valid decision. Explanation not justification.
  • Mistakes happen. What did you learn. How to you prevent yourself from making the same mistake again?

Decisions are as much a part of life as choices. You choose which path you will follow. And your attitude, behaviour and personality influence how you make your decisions but ultimately it is circumstances and feelings that influence you more.

Decisions have consequences so take responsibility for that decision but realise, if you keep communicating, caring and living by the 5 A’s, you can travel a journey that helps you live a purposeful life.

Have lots of fun deciding.

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