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A real challenge exists in today’s connected world – do you “please” people or do you just meet their needs and satisfy them as agreed.

Over the last thirty years in business, one of the lessons we have learned is that pleasing people is a no win situation. When we work to please people, we get caught up delivering things beyond the scope of what we committed to and worst we sacrifice our needs to please others. Sometimes the more you give, the more they want and satisfaction is impossible

Yes, provide more than you have committed to but be clear on what you are providing and what they are expected to give. Be very specific that your more is to satisfy their need not please them.

Pleasing others is a zero sum game.

A zero sum game is one in which no matter how you play, neither side ever wins. And unfortunately the draw leaves both of you feeling unsatisfied.

The remedy…be clear on what you will do. Do it and check it out all the way so that the client knows you are doing what you agreed. And when you have finished, make sure they feel that the agreement has been completed. It is all in the way you communicate. It is all in the words you choose.

And always remember your job as a supplier is the supply what was required, when it was required, how it was required, where it was agreed and the client needs to keep their commitment and pay for what was negotiated, when and how they agreed.

Clarity up front is the secret to building good relations.

The future lies in keeping commitments- in business, in life, and in politics.

Be clear. Be Precise and HAVE FUN!

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