This is our commitment to YOU and ourselves

Our intention is to live ONE DAY (Second, minute, hour, day, period, project)  AT A TIME and to do the best that we can do in that time given the circumstances of that period.

  1. Each person RESPONSIBLE TO others to keep their word. We expect others to be responsible for keeping their word to us.
  2. Each of us is RESPONSIBLE TO always do our best and expect that together we all do their best.
  3. Each person is RESPONSIBLE FOR all assumption made about others and recognizes that the assumptions may be wrong. We believe that others we deal with accept the same responsibility. We accept no responsibility if we fail to live up to your assumptions.
  4. Each of us takes nothing you say as a personal attack. We acknowledge your right to your opinion. We accept that it is your opinion and you have the right to your opinion. We appreciate that we have an opportunity to grow together because of our interactions
  5. We will regret nothing that happens

The Purpose of BUDZ Business Services

Purpose is about meeting your needs by meeting others needs and the needs of the community

BUDZ Business Services exists to utilize the skills, talents, knowledge and experience of our management, contractors and staff. This ability will be used to provide business owners with support, mentoring and advice to help them improve their businesses  so that the economy and the welfare of our communities improves.

The Vision of BUDZ Business Services

More businesses enjoying Fun Funds and Fitness while improving their Buyer’s Experience and changing the economy by employing people

The Mission of BUDZ Business Services

More Fun, Funds and Fitness for all Businesses


Enjoying Fun, Increasing Funds (resources) and Improving Fitness on a Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level for all business owners.

Continuous learning and experimenting with new (and old) ideas.

Thinking Differently