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At a recent Chamber of Commerce meeting, a business owner asked how do you know a good business from a bad business?

I answered that “the good businesses (including government departments and non-profits) had predictable outcomes for staff and clients as well as the community and there was certainty for clients dealing with the entity”.

“So how do you get predictability and certainty”, he asked?

Where is the crystal ball?

Alternative to Crystal Ball gazing

“Well it is not really a crystal ball but about applying 5 key principles  and implementing the 5 As in every interaction,” I replied.


Here they are as explained to him….

The 5 Principles are:

  1. Keep your word. This helps clients and staff know what to expect because your word is what you will deliver.
  2. Assume nothing. This is hard but it builds better communication and relationships because you check out what you think if true. We all assume things but the principle is about verifying your assumptions
  3. Take nothing personally. Wow another difficult challenge as most of tend to take everything personally but by applying the 5 A’s we can avoid the both the assumptions and taking things personally.
  4. Do your best.
  5. Regret nothing. Treat every experience as a learning experience and remember that NO is short for Next Opportunity.

The 5 A’s

  1. Aware: Be aware of yourself, others, the words you use and the thoughts that you have.
  2. Acknowledge: Recognise that others hold different thoughts and opinions. Experience leads to different ideas and thoughts.
  3. Accept: When you realise that both parties are okay then it is easy to accept what the other person says
  4. Appreciate: Appreciate the differences as well as the similarities. The lessons, the ideas and the other opinion.
  5. Act: Act according to the 5 Principles and to achieve predictable and the results agreed,

Can You Imagine?

  • Imagine a world where people knew that other people accepted them for who they are without judgement on their “rightness” or “fit”.
  • Imagine a world where appreciation did not mean agreement but that it was okay to be different and say what you thought even though it might be contrary to the commonly accepted thread.
  • Imagine a world where you knew that when you dealt with a business you would get what was promised. You both kept your word and everyone was paid a fair dollar.

Life is not fair. You will not get out of it alive.

BUT you can make a real difference and help make your world both better and more predictable. You can learn more about PURPOSE and how to read other people’s purposes. You can learn to see behavioural styles and to understand the that under stress people behave differently. And that stress is caused through feeling out of control.

Today one simple thing from the first list and be aware of what you are doing in every instance. Oh and just breathe through the entire process. It does help

Supporting you in all your endeavours 🙂

Business Mentor

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