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At a networking meeting the other day, the group was discussing the three parts of purpose and how knowing the three levels can change the entire way you plan for the future.

REMEMBER: Purpose helps you to focus.

Purpose gives you a reason why. Your reason to keep going.

That means you have a direction to go in. You know what you want… at least in the near future.

That gives power to your vision and mission.

PLUS purpose helps you be more realistic and factual when setting your objective (goals) and analyzing your current position, both internally and externally.

Examples of Purpose Inspiring Good Business Plans

Saf owns Footstop Podiatry. Her love of feet led her to study podiatry so she could help her father with his foot care. That led to her helping sports people, other seniors and children walk better, enjoy better health and experience less pain. Sore feet definitely affects your quality of life. Remember that last time you stubbed your toe or stepped  on a pin. Now Saf helps with more serious problems and in doing so helps sports people play better, seniors move around more easily, children walk better and everyone in our community enjoy a better sense of well-being and the ability to enjoy this wonderful community including the ability to climb or just walk around Mount Maunganui.

Margie owns a business called HoneyBliss. Margie trained as a massage therapist but she had a passion for natural products and helping people feel good. As a result, she started to develop products to soothe, heal and help her clients. She makes her products with love and they really work. And because they work, people feel better and are able to climb mountains, walk on beaches or just generally enjoy a better quality of life. Margie is steadily growing her business because she is committed to her purpose.

Zita who is the founder of the InFuzed Business Groups brings her passion for people and her sales experience to support businesses to grow. When Zita moved to the Bay of Plenty, she saw a wonderful opportunity to use her mentoring skills and her passion for people to create a network that INFuzed participants. Business owners are able to do more than network and through education, equipping and empowerment, they can grow. Zita and her meeting coordinators are there to mentor the business owners. Zita’s passion for people and for business allow her to focus on growing the groups and supporting more businesses. The next step… more growth for all businesses involved.

How do You State Your Business (Life) Purpose

  1. Connect with why you want to be in business. Yes there will be an element of supporting you and your family but the reason you want to be in business needs to have a personal passion or focus too,
  2. Identify what needs of your clients you will meet. Yes there may be lots of people who can meet the need on the surface but you have some special ability that will appeal to others. Find that unique “way” you meet need and tell your prospects and clients that that is what you do.
  3. Look at how your community is better because you are a part of it. Once you know the community need then you can communicate your offering even better.

Sounds simple but…if you need help, even just in reviewing what you think, then either comment below or book a Purpose session. And once you know your focus, your strategy comes next and then amazingly all the wonderful plans, opportunities and growth.

It all starts with PURPOSE. So get purposeful today

To your success

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