Relationships Matter In Business

Relationships include: You, Your Staff, Your Customers, Your Suppliers and Your Network (Community).

The Key to successful relationships lies in understanding your ARCHETYPES

Archetypes describe nature, attitude, behaviour and outlook. There are 5 Archetypes and you have all five parts but two or three are more prevalent depending on the situation (stressors, relationship).

What is your dominant Archetype: Face. Feet, Hands, Heart & Brain?

Note: It may not be what you think from the name. You need to look deeper.

How can you use these Archetypes?

  • To build diversity of thought into teams especially the management team and the governance board.
  • To hire someone to fill the missing gaps in your business
  • To know how to speak to a client or suppliers
  • To deal with a difficult situation

Peter and Roberta have been able to achieve amazing results with teams and business when Archetyping was used to match the different attitudes and behaviour.

When I find myself in difficult situations it is usually because of a clash of Archetypes and also how each of us receives and accepts, appreciates and acknowledges the situation.

When I fail to close a sale, again it is usually because I failed to match the needs of the client’s Archetype with the language that would help them see the solution provided was a great choice for them.

We can tailor a workshop for any environment or situation depending on your need but since the discovery requires some Lego Serious Play time, workshops can only be done in person.

Would you like to know more about Archetypes?

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