The Ten Criteria of a Successful Business

Building and maintaining a successful business can be simple!

Whether you want to start a successful business or are already in business, these ten basic characteristics show you the aspects you must keep track of to get the full value from your business, now and into the future.

While the details will vary from one business to the next, the criteria stay the same in principle. They work whether you are in a bricks-and-mortar format, a totally on-line “virtual” store front format or some combination of on-line and concrete.

Open yourself to these keys to success!

They are the basis of all planning you are likely to do. Express your business, marketing, production and administration in terms of these criteria and you can evaluate your tactics and strategy in a highly objective manner.

Add this book to your library, and you are well on your way to, not only having a better understanding of how business works, but making your business your most valuable asset.

Eat The Rhino

Eat the Rhino,

Many people approach business as if it were a kind of lottery, where success comes from some form of luck. But the

real truth is that all business is, first and foremost, about Predictability!

While you may not be able to predict how successful your business might be, it stands to reason that the better you can predict how various aspects of your current or projected business idea, the more you can be certain about your business success. Even if you can just discover that your business will not achieve beyond a certain level, you will be streets ahead of other people trying the same basic idea.

“Eat the Rhino” provides a step-by-step approach to develop your ability to make your business predictable. Use it to evaluate what you have and to plan how to make your business more successful!

Who Stole My Success?

Want to be successful in business and life?WHo Stole My Success, Tales to Stop Your Success Thieves,

Then avoid the “forty thieves”!

This little book is based on real-life people (fictionalised to keep them anonymous; but you’re likely to have met them or people very similar) who overcame the “thieves” that prevented them from reaching the success they wanted. Many of the methods are transferable to what YOU face in the real world; you just need to add your flavour to the mix.

While light-hearted, this book has helped many people take steps that were needed to go beyond the circumstances that kept them from what they wanted.

All it takes is becoming aware of YOUR thieves and stop being a victim of circumstance, no matter how much those circumstances are beyond your control!

Business Development Machine, Ideas to Actions, http://budzbusinessservices.comThe Business Development Machine

An overview to make the decisions necessary to successfully bring an idea to market. Ideas are cheap but the Business Development Machine allows you to evaluate your idea, prepare to launch the new product or service (or business), develop the idea and finally deploy it to the market successfully.

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