I am making assumptions right now as I type. My assumptions include : assumptions are a basic of modern life:. media means we assume more and more things every day because we have so many alternatives and so much (dis)information.

Sometimes your assumptions are right. Sometimes your assumptions are wrong. And most often your assumptions are almost. But, it does not matter as long as you are AWARE  and shine a spotlight on all critical assumptions about the situation you are in.

What we believe about our assumptions is usually based on how we think or feel at that moment. They are coloured by the past as well as our expectations of the future.

Think for a moment…who do you trust? Why?

Does it matter?

Yes. Our actions are usually based on our assumptions rather than the “reality” of the situation.

Television is not reality and yet we all know people who get caught up in soap operas (Dallas, Coronation Street. Dynasty, Blue Bloods) People who believe that this item or that item will make them -“happy”, “successful” or whatever (Infomercials). They watch romances and believe that good sex makes a good relationship or worse that every male is a horny beast and every female will fall into the arms of any handsome, virile male

The assumptions we make are based on several factors:

  • Our past experiences
  • Our culture
  • Our upbringing
  • Our education
  • What we feed our mind
  • Our emotions
  • Our belief system

Critical to our decision making and actions then is knowing our assumptions and often challenging those same assumptions as we learn and see other options.

#spotlight #assumption

One of the hardest things for many to do is admit their assumptions are wrong.

Truthfully, when we assume how other people think, feel or act towards us without talking about it, we often get it wrong.

There are no absolute truths.

We have our beliefs and our assumptions and we have a choice – defend them with our last breathe or keep a spotlight on them and keep checking if they hold in every situation.

In business this is so critical.

Many times a person has assumed they are buying “X” only to find out that what they got was less than they thought. Occasionally, they get lucky and get more. And about 80% of the time they get what they thought they were getting. If you are selling something, you need to get those assumptions really clear so that what the client expects is what you can deliver.

Our assumptions can hurt us. They can stop us having fun. They can stop our funds and they can hurt us not only emotionally but physically and mentally as well.

Promise yourself today that you will shine a spotlight on your assumptions since never making assumptions will require huge changes in your conditioning and ways of thought.

Have fun today


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