“Oh, I’ll get around to it,” said Joan. “I just have to do…”

It’s amazing how many small business people make that opening statement when you ask them why something in their business is not yet finished.

Be truthful with yourself — have you said something similar in the last couple of days? Or even the last couple of hours?

Of course, you’re not procrastinating when you do. You really do have something that needs to be done and this something has a higher priority. It is more necessary or more urgent or, maybe, it is just easier to get off your To-Do list.

  • Like answering your cell phone, just in case it’s a paying client.
  • Like checking the latest e-mails, just in case something crops up that is more interesting.
  • ..I’ll let you fill in the details.

It’s so easy to put things off. There are thousands of good reasons why you (and I, and all those others) don’t get around to something. They are all valid. In the moment, many important (necessary AND urgent) tasks can be put off, because you will get around to it.

Well, the attached picture is a-round-to-it. Print it out; make it a label, whether you use a sticky or a bit of string for a tag. Then, when you say “I’ll get around to it” (or something that means the same thing), apply this label.

At the end of the day, count how many labels you have stuck on things…

(BTW, Joan tried this; she finished up with 20 tags that day! Not that she’s out of the habit yet, but close — whenever she feels the urge to say “I’ll get around to it”, she asks “When?”)

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Getting Around to Planning

“Of course I’ve got a business plan!” said a small business owners who had called me in.

“Can we see it?”

“Sure! I’ll just go to the file and print it out.”

“No need, I’ll just look at it on your computer.”

The first thing I noticed is that the document is dated months ago. No revisions, no updates, no changes. So, I asked : “Aren’t you following your plan?”

Stunned silence for a moment. Then, “Of course we are! That’s why we wrote it.”

“How well is your plan going?”

“Well…We’ve made a few changes since it was written. Anyway, business plans don’t really work, do they? Business keeps changing. Isn’t the old saying something like ‘plans work until they meet reality’?”

“When are you going to show the changes in your plan?

“Well, we’ll get around to it.”

“I asked ‘when?’”

“Well, maybe for the next year …”

The thing is, business plans are not about what you think will happen. They are about how things happen compared to what you thought would happen. Businesses, especially a small businesses, needs to constantly measure and adjust their plans to stay abreast of what is actually happening in the market.

Every number needs to be checked: there are consequences whether the numbers are higher or lower than the plan called for.

Plans can be simple or complicated but our experience says simple is better and simple plans including the numbers ensure that you have some roadmaps to test your actions and if you measure, tweak and remeasure, you have a better chance to succeed than doing anything else.

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