Stewardship requires a commitment to systems and success. Good stewardship requires several things:

First an understanding of: The Laws of Business 

  1. Purpose: Every business has a purpose – the reason why it exists. This reason is based on meeting your needs (including your, your client needs and the community needs. Your business meets the needs according to values and your clients see value in what you offer and get the value they perceive when they purchase
  2. Passion: Every business owner needs to have passion for what they are doing, who they are doing it with. Passion is energy. Passion is the underlying love you and your staff for what they do and who they do it for. Without passion, nothing really happens because purpose is missing
  3. People: No business can survive without people. Staff, suppliers, clients, fans, supporters…people in various shapes and forms wanting different things.

Next is a Manifesto or Statement of Values, guidelines for living a successful life

Manifesto for Success

1.    Keep your word

2.    Assume as little as possible

3.    Take nothing personally

4.    Always do your best

5.    Regret nothing, everything is a lesson.

This kind of manifesto or values means that people know what to expect when dealing with you but it also recognises that even though you are an expert in your subject area you need to be aware that others think differently.

And in order to have good relationships you need to live a purposeful life and operate purposefully. Following the 5 As allows you to live the purposeful life and build better relationships with staff, suppliers and clients as well as competitors and others.

Aware – stay aware – what you say, what you promise and what others say. Risk is mitigated through awareness.

Acknowledge – look at the people you are talking to. Listen,  connect, absorb without adopting

Accept – difference is good but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and so accept their right to have a point of view

Appreciation – help others feel like the matter.

Action – once you have completed the other 4 As it is time to take action, even if that means walking away

Following the 5As allows for building relationships and business is about relationships, relationships we often call transactions but we want people to come back.

Business is also about DECISION Making.

To make decisions you need:

·         Historical information – what has happened in the past with the client, the product/service or other factors.

·         Future Information – what is changing in the world – technology, new products, other factors

·         Current Information – time available, resources available, emotional states of people involved.

·         The facts, the feelings and advice.

·         Systems that provide the information above.

·         A key understanding of the Archetypes of Attitude.

What BUDZ Business Services Provides

·         Help to build your safety net to collect the information

·         External support and information, experience, knowledge and advice

·         Research skills to find workable solutions

·         A resource to discuss ideas

·         Marketing and Administrative support

·         Workshops to discover  yours and your team’s Archetypes to build better relationships and build effective teams

·         Directorships based on good governance models.

Our manifesto expresses our values. Are these are the values that you want your adviser to bring to your business?

BUDZ Services and Resources are experiential based. When applied they work. When ignored, oh well…

Have fun always.


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