Stewardship and Relationships depend on the tools you use to gather information and the quality of the information.

Many business owners forget that you history helps you understand the present and plan for the future.

What systems do you need to have in:

  1. A way of knowing who does what and how they should do it and what happens next. Responsibility and authority needs to be at the coalface (the client interface) but the people at that interface need to know what they can do and commit the business to. This comes from having processes and procedures, training and collaboration. It comes from having openness to change and information on what is happening.
  2. A system for recording what has happened. An integrated accounting and customer relationship management program is ideal for this because it means that every conversation with a client or supplier or prospect can review what has happened and continue the relationship from there to the next desired meeting of needs.
  3. A feedback loop so that people receive the acknowledgement, acceptance and appreciation in the way that they need it. This means knowing the Archetypes of each staff member as well as how they are likely to react in every situation. Staff management is dependent on the staff feeling empowered and supported in the way they need to be supported.
  4. A reporting structure that monitors the business against objectives. This should be on at least three levels: financial, people and sustainability. Ideally one adds social and community into the reporting as well. What happens in the community, on social media and in the networks is important to future growth of the business.

BUDZ Business Services can help you find the right systems for your business. We can mentor you either from a in the business commitment but more from good stewardship and governance. That time to work ON the future of the business. The compliance stuff, the risk management and the blue sky thinking about the future.

If you want to understand more about this than contact us with your situation and we can advise you of your next steps and a program to assist you to input systems that work.

Note: the first thing we will do is help you determine your Archetype and that of your key staff so that they systems work for your individual needs.

Tools we use and Recommend for Systems:

  1. A Systems Audit. The key here is to look at the flow of work, the bottlenecks and the information you need and can get from your systems and the quality of the decisions you are then able to make. (We can do this for you or you can do it yourself)
  2. A Process Audit. Like the Systems audit it looks at the who and how documentation for what your staff does. It looks at Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives and the Key Performance requirements, authority and responsibilities and the feedback loops to ensure they still work. (We can do this for you or you can do it yourself)

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