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Understanding Needs Needs Understanding

Understanding needs is critical for a business or a person to live and work on purpose. But what is a need? What is a want? Do you truly know what you need vs what you desire. Are you like many people today who you express your need to others you use the words “you know”? The […]

The Sure–fire Purpose Approach to Business

The following is a chapter in our book Do or Die. The book is no longer available but I hope you enjoy the sure-fire business approach The answer to the question “Why are you in business?” is not “to make a profit”. The right answer is “to meet my (business) needs by meeting others needs […]

Purpose aids Planning

At a networking meeting the other day, the group was discussing the three parts of purpose and how knowing the three levels can change the entire way you plan for the future. REMEMBER: Purpose helps you to focus. Purpose gives you a reason why. Your reason to keep going. That means you have a direction to […]