Terms of Trade BUDZ Business Services, a division of Budvietas Ltd

August 2017

Service Liability

Mentoring provides information and ideas to help you make decisions on the actions you need to take. As an mentoree or course participant, your decisions are always your own and no liability till accrue to the providers of that information. Mentoring service never performs the task.

Facilitated learning is the delivery of ideas and concepts that allow for you to develop new ideas and process. What you do with those ideas are totally your responsibility.

Reports are based on the information provided by staff. Additional information in a report is derived from additional research. The information provided is the best available based on the information available and information coming to light post report is not the responsibility of the business owners not the report writer (Budvietas Ltd).

Payment Terms

One to one, casual mentoring must be paid within 7 days

Fixed price contracts mean that regardless of how long it takes, as long as the agreed parameters do not change, the price will be the same.

A variable rate contract has more flexibility. The rates for flexible contracts depend on what knowledge, skill base and timeframe is required.

By signing a contract for service you agree to the terms and conditions relevant to that service provision and agree to pay in the manner stated in the contract. Failure at any time to pay the retainer and the ongoing fees, can result in work stoppage until payment is made. If it is agreed to payment at a later date than interest may be charged at the rate of 1% per month.

All contracts can be cancelled by either side with 7 days written notice. Payments  of outstanding amounts will be negotiated.

If contract is for on-going support, (i.e. mentoring, marketing support, affiliate support, web hosting, promotion, training), this work will be paid in two parts, a monthly retainer paid in advance and additional time costs billed at the end of the month and paid by 20th of the month following (20th of the following month to delivery month).

Copyright remains with Budvietas Ltd unless agreement is made with client otherwise.

Cancellation of any agreement can be done by either party by written request. Client cancellation must be delivered to  service@budvietas.com and include a received request.

At all times, Budvietas Ltd will work to deliver as per agreed specifications. Where delays are caused by circumstances beyond our control, we will keep you informed with the adjusted target dates. We would appreciate reciprocation.

Limitation of Liability: Liability is limited to the dollar value of the service provided and Budvietas Ltd accepts no consequential loss for decisions you make based on our service

Budvietas Ltd reserves the right to subcontract to third parties any part of our service to you but retains  responsibility for the performance.

Any disputes will be handled under New Zealand Law and in New Zealand courts.

Any owner, manager or director of the business to whom this quote is delivered, you agree to accept personal liability for the expenses should a dispute arise regarding payment.

Budvietas Ltd reserves the right to review its terms of trade at any time but abides by current terms of trade at the time of acceptance.

Acceptance is binding on the company, all partners or sole traders and all parties are equally liable for the full debt incurred.

Privacy Act 1993

The Buyer and the Guarantor/s (if separate to the Buyer) authorises the Seller to:

Collect, retain and use any information about the Buyer, for the purpose of assessing the Buyer’s creditworthiness or marketing products and services to the Buyer; and

to disclose information about the Buyer, whether collected by the Seller from the Buyer directly or obtained by the Seller from any other source, to any other credit provider or any credit reporting agency for the purposes of providing or obtaining a credit reference, debt collection or notifying a default by the Buyer.

Where the Buyer is an individual the authorities under (clause 1.1) are authorities or consents for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993.

The Buyer shall have the right to request the Seller for a copy of the information about the Buyer retained by the Seller and the right to request the Seller to correct any incorrect information about the Buyer held by the Seller.

Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and Contractual Remedies Act 1979 – Nothing in this agreement is intended to contract out of these acts.

Any questions please contact us.