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Law #1: Everyone and everything has a Purpose,

Law #2: The Universe supports your Purpose, even if you don’t

Law #3: Power comes from holding onto your Purpose at all times

Law #4: Survival lies in having an accurate description of how your purpose relates to reality

Law #5: What you think and believe in your mind always takes a form in reality and what is real must take a shape in your mind

Law #6:  You can have more than one Purpose; however, each Purpose requires a 100% commitment even if the time span is short.

Law#7: Purpose is not additive – Purposes working together increase the power of each exponentially.

Law #8: Purpose is a summary of the plan for your life, your business, your community, and more.

Law #9: No Purpose is too small to change all of reality, yours and that of other people.

Law #10: No Purpose is too big to be beyond the ability of the individual who holds it.

 The First Law: Everyone and everything has a Purpose!

A long time ago, I was puzzled by a statement made by Einstein. The statement was the one about an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. The eventual answer was that the two could not exist in the same universe. The implication is that immovable objects could exist in their own universe, while irresistible forces could only be in their own universe. In our universe, immense as it is, there are no irresistible forces and no immovable objects.

However, the potential for both does exist in our universe. We can conceive of such things, and what we can conceive is always a possibility, even if the probability is virtually zero.

So, what if there are two possible universes, one of irresistible forces and one of immovable objects, that lie in the future of our current universe? Suppose that WE (as sentient beings) could influence which of these universes would eventuate?

No, not in a moment or a lifetime or even a geological age, but eventually, when this universe gets much older. The resultant universe, whether of irresistible forces or of immovable objects would be the result of actions and choices we have made over the life of our universe.

What if the Purpose of everything was to produce this new universe?

Now, from science, we know that there is a law of entropy. Entropy may be a construct that helps explain a number of things in science. Entropy comes from the second law of thermodynamics in some of its expressions – the so-called heat death of the universe. At some point, the universe as we know it will be in a state where there is no possibility of the transference of energy, since energy always flows from a point of higher potential to one of lower potential. To me, this sounds very much like a universe that consists entirely of immovable objects.

Our choice, and the choice of everything in our universe, is to either help this happen, or to oppose it. In other words, we can choose to allow entropy to result in the heat death of the universe, or we can choose to change the direction to one where there are only irresistible forces.

Funnily enough, the Bible starts with the idea that God created the universe (as we know it), and, at that time set up a “vault above and a vault below”. These are often interpreted as Heaven and Hell.

No, I am NOT equating religion and science. But, to me, these vaults sound very much like the universes mentioned above. There is one where nothing can change (Hell, with its implication of no possible redemption from sin), and one where everything is possible (Heaven, where we can be effectively gods).

Where does Purpose fit into this?

Simply that we has a choice, and that we can choose to either let things happen or to work towards something potentially better. Making this choice is our Purpose. Whether one comes from an atheistic viewpoint or a theistic viewpoint, Purpose is about choose to work for one future universe or the other, one vault or the other.

I may be wrong, but, this approach, of defining the choice as Purpose, makes things a lot simpler. Every Purpose must lead to one of the two future universes, for ALL of us.

It does not matter whether we make this choice for theistic or atheistic reasons. The only thing that’s for sure is that we can take the default (the entropic result of a universe of immovable objects or non-redemption of sin  known as Hell)  or we can attempt to produce the other. Either way, we are on Purpose.

And everything else is making the same kind of choice, even if there is no actual choosing.

That’s why the first law of Purpose is simply a statement that everything and everyone has a Purpose.

The Second Law: The Universe supports your Purpose, even if you don’t

Someone once expressed the laws of thermodynamics as

  1. You can’t win
  2. You can’t break even
  3. You can’t quit

These laws actually apply to your life too so..what will you do? How will  you live your purpose?

Live your purpose.

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