Timing is important. Why?

Because timing relates to your decisions which relates to when you do things relative to other things. Timing influences choices. It influences opportunities. It can even affect your life.

When you get up and go to bed affects your health and well-being. Science and our bodies tell us when we need to sleep and for how long. The challenge for many of us is to learn to listen to our body and mind and find that optimal bed time and sleep time. In our house, I am early to bed and early to rise while my husband is the reverse. As a matter of fact, talking to him before 9 am often just gets a growl. Think about what happens in your home?

When you start, join and exit a business is critical. This is often the most difficult thing for people to do. Is the timing right to go into business or do you start or join a business because you are desperate to do something. If the timing, the need for both you and your employer or customer are wrong, then your timing may be off and the experience is unpleasant. Businesses that grow quickly often have the timing just right.

And exiting…a real challenge since we rarely like to let go when we have nowhere to go or we need the money? Founders are the worst at exiting a business but so often so are contractors who forget that they went into the business to do a specific thing and when that is done, they need to leave. This is critical for both them and the business. There is a theory that says if you stay beyond your use by date, things will go bad. My experience says that when I knew it was time to go, I should have because it got really bad for me until I did leave or change.

Timing and Decisions Making

We all want to make perfect decisions but hindsight is the only way to make a perfect decision and then we find the circumstances have changed so that the decision we could have made is not longer valid or useful. How much data is enough to make a decision. We filter that data and come up with information. But those filters influence what we accept and what we reject. Our education affects those filters. Our environment affects those filters.

Understanding that what really matters is will the choice, the decision, keep me on purpose and help me achieve my vision or will it take me too far off course.

A video about Mark Zuckerberg  shows how decisions and the timing of those decisions can affect your entire life.

Timing and you?

  • Listen to your body: when to wake up, to eat and what to eat, to sleep or start or finish something including relationships.
  • Make decisions based on your purpose.
  • Remember a decision to do nothing at this time is a decision.
  • Live your purpose.
  • Stick to your values.
  • Recognise that it does not matter what others think about what you should do, You are in control of you even when you are not in control of the situation.
  • This too shall pass. Keep moving.

How do you know the right time to do things?

May your timings lead you to new meaningful ventures and experiences.

Enjoy Purposeful Living

Business Mentor


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