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Over the last few months, communications with the PTBs (powers that be)  seems to be less clear, less intelligent.  In other words full of obfuscations!

Recently we visited a government office and discovered the incompetence of how they run. Regardless of the source. Similarly trying to straighten out billing with another company, we questioned their operation and sustainability. Looking at the voting for politicians in the last year, it is obvious that trust is destroyed.

Perhaps it is incompetence rather than obfuscation that I am experiencing. Unfortunately whichever it is the outcome is the same: frustration and anxiety.

Every day someone writes, posts or comments on empowerment, leadership and equipping people to provide better service but reality is that the organisational “rules” about how to do a job restricts the empowerment, the service and the leadership. Decisions are not at the coal-face. The ability to handle challenges for clients is not at the coal face.

Another experiences was with different banks  At the first bank, the staff at that branch  were unable to actually assist us because our need was beyond their capacity to act. We believed our request was simple however, the  front line person was unable to help us. We then went to two other banks where the staff not only were willing to help us but eager and able to ensure that everything worked out.

Are these examples of obfuscation? or incompetence?

I know I am guilty of obfuscation on occasion, especially when misdirecting people or when I refuse to answer a question.

It is one of the reasons that any business that wants to be trusted and considered an preferred business  needs the following:

  1. Clear communication channels that provide the information required in a format that ensures action by the user or client.
  2. Front line staff having the ability to deal with what is needed or the ability to quickly and simply redirect the person to someone who can. Yes time has value. Whose time is more valuable?
  3. Enough back-room staff cover to deal with situations and support the front line staff.
  4. Systems designed to deal with the exceptions to the rules.
  5. Engaged staff who are passionate about what they do, are able to do their best and deliver on their commitments.
  6. Simplicity in accessing information. Where necessary provide definitions that are easy to read with examples of what is meant.
  7. Online forms and communications relevant to the technology rather than a copy of the off-line forms.
  8. People who want to help people who want to do the right thing.
  9. Willingness on the part of everyone to make things happen.

One of the basic components of facilitating Lego Serious Play sessions is that it can help work out how to be on the same team and do the important stuff simply, easily and with everyone engaged and committed. (Ask me for more information on using Lego Serious Play to work out your support systems and processes as well as your internal and external communications)

Let’s rebuild trust by starting to have actions that meet client needs, behaviour that is supported and consistent to client needs and clear communication, concepts and commitments to our clients.

To you doing Better Business TODAY!

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