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Understanding needs is critical for a business or a person to live and work on purpose.

But what is a need? What is a want?

Do you truly know what you need vs what you desire. Are you like many people today who you express your need to others you use the words “you know”?

The other day, I was talking with a colleague and he kept saying “you know what I mean” in the conversation.

Well I didn’t and I asked him what he meant. Suddenly he realised that he didn’t know what he meant and he was totally unable to explain to me what he meant. We were talking about a service he offered and he was totally unable to explain why I or anyone else truly needed the service.

At a meeting the other day, I overheard a number of young people talking. Every second word seemed to be “You Know”.

Have we all suddenly become mind readers?

Or do we believe that the assumptions of others about what we need is an acceptable decision.


30 years ago when I became a product manager for a manufacturing company, I was told that everyone needed our product. And they needed all our kitchen products in avocado green.

My reaction: Really?

Think for a minute – do you need a new garbage can, storage container and dish drainer every year? And what colour will you buy?

#needorwant #hamburgerHave you seen an ad for a hamburger from McDonald’s or Burger King?

They look so yummy but when you go to buy one, how often do they look like the picture you saw.

And we now know that eating one or more of these every day could be contributing to the obesity problem of children. .. But it looks so healthy!

There are many items advertisers promote every day that take a want and turn it into a need.

How many kitchen gadgets do you really need?

What is the reason to buy a big flash car vs a smaller hybrid or electric car?

And why do many choose designer clothing rather than a comfortable clothing item that fits today’s need for covering the body?

Think of the last item you bought?

Was it a brand item?

Why did you buy that particular brand rather than another brand? What needs did it really meet that could not be met by another alternative.

Are You Being Manipulated?

Advertising creates a perception of need that may or may not exist. When you believe that you have that need, then suddenly you do and you buy that product or service.

Maslow stated (and then refuted) a pyramid of needs but the needs are real.

Hierarchy of Needs Maslow, http://budzbusinessservices.com/

Anthony Robbins states the following as basic needs we all have

  1. Certainty/Comfort
  2. Uncertainty/Variety
  3. Significance
  4. Connection/Love
  5. Growth
  6. Contribution

We maintain that you have 3 basic needs: FUN, FUNDS, FITNESS

Understanding needs is a complex topic that is made more complex by the media we consume daily. Facebook, Instagram, movies, television, newspapers, magazines and all other forms of providing us information deliver as series of ideas that become our needs.

We go to school to learn how to be good consumers, to believe what we are told and accept that our success is based on having things. Are you ready to enter the era of the Internet of Things?

Terminator, The Matrix and other SF scenarios are becoming reality. Why?

Because our needs change based on what we are fed by the media.

Your choice? Live on purpose and determine needs according to your purpose and the purpose of your clients.

If you believe that there has to be a better way to do business and live than consider Growing a Business using the  3 Fs? Details here.

May you meet your needs while meeting other’s needs.



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