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Codes of practice, ethics, values, manifestos are all tools to help you build a culture and support your clients. They work  but in the end, you need to practice the Platinum Rule of Life to really achieve a great culture..

But…how do you create a culture that practices the Platinum Rule?

What is the Platinum Rule?

Start with Stating Values

The values that underpin every business come from the founder, the board of directors and the current management.

The owner or board need to ask – what values are important to me/us that I will not compromise? What values matter to us when we do business with others?

Find two or three that just absolutely are your guiding principles.

Once you know what values you absolutely will not compromise on, you can create a code or a manifesto that tells the world (staff and clients and other stakeholders) how you will behave in business situations. Be as specific as possible as this will avoid definition drift.

What is Definition Drift?

We all have different ways that we define things. Think of any word – chair, table, honesty…we each have a different definition or picture in out mind when we think of a specific word.

Drift occurs because of these differences.

Being specific about demonstrating your values in your business reduces the opportunities of drift and also empowers people so that they know what to do in any situation. Knowing what to do in situations avoids different people treating others in different ways.

For example: If you value is keeping your word. Then at all times everyone knows that if they say they will do something in a particular way, at a particular time then that is what they do. When something happens to make that difficult, then they contact the person they gave their word to and LET THEM KNOW. They renegotiate their word when circumstances prevent them from keeping their word.

Ot: Think of a time when you went to a business and you felt that the staff were helpful and supportive and met your needs. Then you went back and the person you dealt with treated you badly. What did you think? Did you think that maybe that person was having a bad day and you would give the business another chance or did you think well that’s it, I’ll shop elsewhere. Let’s say you are generous and give the business another chance. But your third experience is ho-hum and you wonder why you bothered. What do you decide to do?

Now if every employee knows how to treat people, how to solve problems, how to meet client needs every single time, what will happen when clients approach that business?

How will you feel about that business?

Yes, I used the word feel. 

Emotions underlie all buying decisions.

Emotions are the way we determine trust. And consistent treatment allows trust to build. And trust retains clients and turns them into fans.

Take some time over the next week to find two or three values you will not compromise on. Then write out how you and your team will demonstrate those qualities when dealing with clients and others. Be committed. Be clear and remember the “Platinum Rule”

Let’s go platinum.

Let’s set values that you can deliver on and ensure that they are delivered and adhered to by every person you work with.

If you need help, just ask for help

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