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Are you the judge? Are you the person who is deciding on the “rightness”, the “goodness” or the results of your actions and your life?

Notice I used the word judge….

Who is the Judge?

Are you experiencing negative emotions or inadequacies because you are allowing other people to judge what you are doing, saying or your results?

If so, increase your awareness of why you are giving them power over you.

Are you experiencing your own doubts and lack of confidence because of your own self-judgements?

If so, become aware of why. Is it the result of previous programming from parents, teachers and even friends?

In business you are given lots of “definitions”.  For example:

  • Success is defined as making a profit. No one says anything about how or any other consequences although now people are taking about sustainability and care of the community.
  • You need to look successful so you fake it till you make it. Corporate attire and standards of dress are all about looking the part and acting the part. Have you ever noticed that putting on a suit or a dress and high heels changes the way you walk and act?
  • Business is about customers and the customer is always right. Well they are and they are not so you need to listen to them and remember that what the customer really wants is to be acknowledged and accepted. They also want appreciation and that comes by taking an action that shows you really listened to their need and either solved their problem or directed them to a source where they could get a solution to their problem. Even if you are unable to help them, they will remember that you redirected them to someone who could help them.

Do you see how other people have set up a judgement system that you can accept or reject?

What is the alternative?

Remember that business has 3 main parts

Every business needs to do all three parts in some way or other. Some businesses specialise in the sales of others production but then sourcing the product is necessary for sales. And if you fail to invoice those sales, pay tax and pay for product etc, you will shortly find yourself out of business.

What are the white areas?

They are all the other functions in the business: HR, Marketing, Research etc with the centre point being general management.

In some way or other every business fits this model and when you keep this in mind all the judgements of others becomes noise and opinions to incorporate into your research for opportunities and threats.

Also remember that living a Meaningful Life is all that really counts and you decide:

  1. How you keep your word
  2. What your bestlooks like and how you can deliver the best you can
  3. How to deal with your assumptionsand verify the reality of those assumptions
  4. How to avoid taking the opinions and judgements of others personallyand let go of irrelevant “stuff”
  5. To learn from your mistakes and to regret

So look at what criteria surrounds your own judge?

Decide who is the judge that will determine how you feel about yourself and your actions?

Remember to be kind if you are judging yourself. And refer to the manifesto. Keep in mind the 5 A’s too – Awareness, acknowledgement, acceptance, appreciation and action. Life is for living and enjoyment. Doing business is how you choose to spend time living so live purposefully and HAVE FUN!

To your success

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