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Do you remember playing with Lego?

Do you play with Lego with your children or grandchildren?

Think about your creativity when you played with Lego. Did you build cities, depots or space ships?

But why as adults in organisations has Lego Serious Play become a valuable tool for improving relationships, solving complex problems or building better teams.

The LEGO Serious Play Story

“We received a request from NASA in Sept 2003. The Columbia shuttle disaster shocked the world earlier that spring. In response to the disaster, NASA was putting together a team of their best engineers to create the NASA Engineering Safety Center—a cross-organizational group with the responsibility of ensuring safety in NASA programs.

The team kick-off was a five-day event, after which the head of the new group would be reporting out to Congress on the mission of this group. The voice on the other end of the line was firm: “We need a team-building session, no more than 6 hours in length, that enables these forty hand-picked scientists from all parts of NASA to align around the mission of this new team.” Oh, and by the way, there would be more than one skeptic in the room, given that most of these people were career NASA employees that had experienced numerous team-building sessions in the past. They had seen it all and done it all, so why should this be any different? “Can you help?”

Having been one of the main architects for LEGO Serious Play (LSP), a play-based problem solving and communication technique for helping groups be more effective, I knew what was possible with this method. Participants build 3-dimensional models using LEGO bricks in response to questions on individual identity, team identity, connections to other team members, and successful team behavior. Once a model is built, participants give it meaning and create stories around the model. The use of metaphor, imagination, and story-telling are integral to the process. The culmination of this process is the development of a set of guiding principles that allows a team to evaluate existing options and identify new ones, even when faced with tight constraints, complex situations, and unfamiliar territory.”

Lego Serious Play and YOUR Business/Organisation!

Lego has licensed organisations around the world to train facilitators to bring Lego Serious Play into business to solve challenges and improve relationships.

The keys to the success of Lego Serious Play lies in the following:

  • The ability to use all senses to create an individual solution
  • The sharing by EVERY team member of their solution
  • The ability to reshape and reshape the solutions until all members of the team buy into the solution because they were co-creators of the solution.

Lego Serious Play levels the playing field and reduces hierarchies to level playing fields. It encourages the full participation of every individual and reduces preconception and using “but this is what is expected” arguments and activities.

As a trained facilitator, Roberta can bring all her other business knowledge to help improve relationships and find solutions to situations and develop new opportunities for business.

Lego Serious Play gives voice to all. And it works in all kinds of organisations and groups. A Lego Serious Play session can be used to:

  • Refine Vision and Mission
  • Identify meaningful objectives
  • Induct new members of boards and departments
  • Solve problems
  • Reduce friction and dysfunction in groups
  • Bring FUN and laughter to groups and allow them to see solutions that only can be seen when coming from a different mindset.

If you would like to improve your workplace and your non-profit, contact Roberta today to tailor a session(s) to work with your business.

Let’s get more creative in how we do business and how we deal with each other today.

Let’s have FUN!

Business Mentor

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