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Are you fed up with people telling you that you need to work on your business instead of in your business?

Do you work so hard that there is no time for anything but working in the business?

Good news you are working on your business every minute you are not working in your business.

How? It’s called THINKING of what to do next or how to solve client’s problems or how to meet you and your family or staff’s needs

But… you need to FOCUS your thinking. So here are some simple things that you can do to focus on your business.

  1. Keep a diary of your thinking and ideas. You can use the Business Development Model to help you sort your ideas into viable business services or products
  2. Network with business owners who discuss ideas for improving business rather than getting business
  3. Read articles and books and figure out what you can do with the information
  4. Reflect on what went well every day.and CELEBRATE the success
  5. Reflect on what went awry every day and CELEBRATE what you learned
  6. Reflect on what you will do tomorrow that is different then what you did today
  7. Talk to clients about what is happening in their business – absolutely do not talk about what you can do for them just what is happening – this means you are looking at opportunities
  8. Set up an exercise or get away from the business time – run, walk, swim, go to the gym or just do something physical that energizes you.
  9. Drink water, the purer the better. Add some lemon if you must but drink water to keep your body hydrated
  10. Eat good food – minimal to no artificial additives, sugar, or coloring. Balanced diet – protein, fat, carbohydrates that help you feel healthy.

Follow these 10 tips and you will find you are working on your business about 30% of your time and that will help you grow.

This works personally as well as in careers and business. And remember as a Business Mentor extraordinaire, I can help you. Ask about our plans!

Give it a try.

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